Fashion Week this time around is not going to be like any other we’ve seen. Live shows will be the exception as most designers opt for digital experiences. Those that do choose to do a live show, the guest list is limited to only a select few. Certainly, a big departure from the circus atmosphere we’ve come to expect.

              We love how guests, editors, and buyers would get plan outfits weeks ahead of time as the show is not only on the runway, but in the seats as well. Here we see one such person sporting a full on silver metallic dress with black strappy sandals. Fixing her hair with one hand and holding the AREA STARS Checkerboard Mini Tote in the other. So chic.

              If you want to look Runway Ready by carrying the Checkboard Mini Tote, send us a private message and we’ll give you all the details.

              Remember – The Show Must Go On.

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