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Back before travel restrictions were imposed on everyone, the AREA STARS team took a trip to India for inspiration as well as to meet with manufacturing partners. Both vital in continuing the brand’s mantra of: Making Every Woman a STAR in her own AREA.

For the next collection our inspiration was the street, but not in the way you might think. Instead we looked at the vibrant colors found in the fabrics at outdoor markets, the food cooked for the hungry, and the flowers that are used to make the streets aromatic. All of these were the perfect jumping off point before any pencils hit the paper on new designs.

Our manufacturing partners are an integral part in helping make our dreams a reality. In India, that does not always mean big factories with even bigger machines making your clothes or handbags. Often, and it’s why we chose India, it’s the men and women who spend countless hours embroidering your dress or making the jewelry. It’s these individuals that continue the traditions passed on to them from their ancestors, that make our collections special and appealing. Without them, we would be nothing.

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