Golden Girls

Every fall season hunter green, tortoise and burgundy rock the runway. This year designers like Ralph Lauren, Guo Pei and Jonathan Simkhai chose a brighter and elegant color GOLD! Gold’s luxurious aesthetic created beautiful full-length dresses and pant suits for this season. Each designer created unique pieces that speak differently. Guo Pei’s piece was extremely elegant with dainty splashes of gold. Ralph Lauren’s metallic look was striking and would make anyone in the room start talking. Each piece represents a different woman. Allowing all the golden girls be a star in their gold choice.
To go with these amazing looks, Area Stars has the perfect earrings for you! Area Stars earring collections always carry a wide selection of gold pieces because of its ability to make any outfit shine. Now, it might as well be the gold rush! Earrings like “Maeva Drop Earrings” and “Harnish Simple Dangle Earrings” are the perfect pairing for any look. Our abstract gold earrings are the perfect way to make anyone feel like a star!

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