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Alexander McQueen’s Resort Wear 2020 featured an androgynous look with hoops galore on their runway model. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Area Stars will forever have you covered with accessible luxury. Face it… hoops are a classic and an all-year-round trend. They can spice up your look no matter what vibe you’re going for- it’s almost like the cherry on top of your milkshake. You might surprise yourself when you realize how often you wear your hoops because they seem to go with absolutely everything! Area Stars jewelry has everything to offer when it comes to hoops… if you haven’t noticed. Whether it’s geometric hoops, textured hoops, oversized hoops, minuscule hoops- you name it, we got it. Hoops are for everyone and anyone. Individuals with a thin face are recommended to look best with larger, round hoops or embellished hoops. Individuals with a round face are recommended to look best with elongated hoops or a drop style. Alexander McQueen’s model fiercely uncovered this hoop extravaganza trend and if you haven't hopped onto the bandwagon, we suggest you do. Go from work to wow with Area Stars jewelry.   


All items are available on areastars.com 

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