AJ Majumdar

OK – SO it’s Friday night and you are itching to get together with your girl gang for a drink and a ZOOM, but you’ve been in your sweats all day. That won’t fly as you need to bring you’re A game and look extra. AREA STARS has just the answer – put on a pair of statement earrings. That will certainly give you the look you’re after and be the envy of the group.

For example, one of our STARS, Olivia Caputo (@olivia_caputo) is wearing our HARNISH earrings. These look great against her tanned skin, and wavy chestnut hair. She’s ready to go for happy hour, even if it is only in her backyard. But maybe you like the gold but want something more. I would then suggest our Opale Abstract Dangle Earrings.

Maybe the ZOOM theme is At Home Glamour. The invitation said for you to put on a red-carpet look. At first you thought no way, too much work. I get it. Putting on makeup, taking your hair out of the scrunchie, and then slipping into a gown is too much. Not that I have anything else going on tonight. I decide to commit and go for it. Now I need jewelry to complete the look. AREA STARS has just the right pair of earrings for you – Laurent Statement Earrings. It will quickly give you that extra look you’re going after and has black and clear crystals that match everything.

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