It’s rare that brands have an item that is universally loved, but AREA STARS found that in the Round Handle Tote.

Influencers as diverse as @nany, @junglejohanna, and @jasmine_tosh have all rocked this bag in their own way proving that there isn’t just one way to style it. You could wear it to the beach, use it when running around town, or even at the pool club while wearing a swimsuit and coverup.

              Why does everyone love it? The size is not too large, but big enough to be able to carry the essentials and more. The wood round handle is both trendy and comfortable to hold; something you don’t find often. Lastly, the macramé look is perfect for multiple styling options in various places as shown so flawlessly by our influencers.

              This macramé bag is hand knotted in India by local artisans who are employed by certified factories that offer jobs to mainly women who otherwise would not have work. In our opinion, these women are all STARS in their own AREA.

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