Who isn’t ready to get outside and paint the town red? I know we are after being quarantined inside for over two months. What to do first? Is it going to your hairdresser and nail salon? Is it having brunch on a Sunday? Or is it just getting dressed in some non-sweats and enjoying the weather? All sound good to me at this point.

Might we suggest something RED, as it’s the color of intense energy. Wearing RED makes you feel alive. Wearing RED makes you have feelings of love. Side note – men overwhelmingly think that wearing RED is the most attractive color for a woman to wear.

Our Tia Long Sleeve Embroidered Dress is a best seller and it’s no coincidence that it is offered in red/white. The red embroidery really stands out on this form fitting dress.

As for a coordinated handbag, I would strongly suggest either our Wooden Round Handle Tote for a daytime look, or the Chevron Clutch for going out. Both come in red and will look great with our Tia Dress.

Let us know how you paint the town red while wearing AREA STARS. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our email list. You’ll get first notice of all special events and product launches.

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