Area Stars

Wait – July 4th is this Saturday and I still haven’t decided if I’m going to my BFF’s house party, find the best local parade, or go to my family’s annual holiday picnic. I know, I’ll make an appearance at all three. So, what if I’ll be a little tired; that’s what Sundays are made for.

              I need to come up with an outfit that works for all three stops, and at the same time make me look fabulous. The AREA STARS Sorrento V neck Embroidery dress in red, white, and blue couldn’t be a better choice. The sleeves push up for a bit of attitude. The mesh insets and pom pom details are just enough to create the look I’m after. And of course the colors are spot on.

              Step two are the accessories. I don’t want it to be too extra so the Straw and Wood Stud Earrings are just the thing. Looking good. Add some simple slides and a clutch for the essentials. Done and done.

              I’m off. I nailed my July 4th look and am ready to PARTY.

              HAPPY JULY 4TH!!!

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