Are you more of a necklace lover or a lover of earrings? Or maybe you are someone that likes to match their necklace to their earrings. Whatever your answer is, AREA STARS has the oh so perfect set for you.

Our Orlando Necklace works for someone who likes to grab a piece of jewelry, throw it over their neck, and know that they are accessorized. Pendant necklaces are great for that reason and is just one reason why they are so popular.

The matching Viper earrings uses the same motif and has the added element of a chain to make them even more unique. I love the way the chain makes the earrings sway a bit and give them some movement.

There’s a lot of debate in the fashionsphere as to whether or not it’s “cool” to wear matching earrings and necklaces. I say, if you like the way it looks – GO FOR IT. Rules are meant to be broken.

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