Area Stars

It’s 2020 and you demand that your clothing has more than one purpose. AREA STARS has the perfect item for those last days at the beach and nights in the city, the Nila Cocoon Kimono.

This hand embroidered kimono works beautifully as a way to liven up a solid bathing suit and protect you from the wind and sand on the beach. Add a straw hat, some sandals, and you’re ready to stroll the boardwalk in style. Just make sure you take it off before going into the water.

Those Summer nights sometime call out for a little more than a t-shirt, but you’re not ready for a full-on sweater, so what do you do? The Nila Cocoon Kimono comes to the rescue by providing that much needed layer, but still not looking like you’re rushing the season.

The Nila Kimono: Two-In-One – City and Beach. Available at

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