Picnic in the park

What do you need to set up a scenic picnic? Bring your best charcuterie board, some delicious pastries, as well as plush blankets and pillows to enjoy the spring sun and smell the blooming flowers. Whether you are spending time with friends or a date, these outfits are perfect for enjoying a nice meal, reading a book, listening to your favorite music, walking around the park, and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer.

Our Julie bra top is paired with the Hilary Sleeve Jacket and Pants set. This outfit is comfortable, and looks so flattering and put together. The pattern of the top pops out from the ivory of the suit set. 

This Sandy Short dress is ideal for spring weather as it has a light airy feel that flows really nicely. The ruffles are an adorable detail that adds a touch of flair to the relaxed dress. 





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