It’s almost Memorial Day and in these Covid-19 times we still want to plan a getaway of sorts. What to do? Plan a staycation.

Step 1 – Where to go? Maybe you have a backyard that can double as a lawn at your favorite resort. Maybe you have a local park where you can take a walk? Or if you’re in a city, then why not plan some time exploring a neighborhood close to you that you never get the opportunity to visit? All good options and will get you outside and out of your house or apartment.

Step 2 – What to do? Outdoor games such as cornhole and mini-golf are fun and are perfect for your backyard. Read a book. Grab a chair, put your feet up, and make sure you have a drink by your side while reading. Create an at-home spa with all the essentials like a robe, slippers, aromatherapy candle, and your favorite fragrance mist spray. Then give yourself a mini-facial or relax in the tub with bath salts. It’s all about relaxing and having fun.

Step 3 - What to wear? No more sweats. No more worn out t-shirts. You must dress like you’re on vacation so why not try our Mystique Tunic Dress? It easily slips over anything you are wearing and will automatically transport you to a land far far away.  Or maybe you are more comfortable in something longer (perfect for that al fresco dinner)? The Tia Long Dress in red and white fits the bill perfectly.

OK, maybe it’s not the Greek Islands or the Hamptons, but planning a staycation can still be fun. Let us know your ideas for the perfect staycation.

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