Area Stars

It’s been three years since this redesigned PRIDE flag was first introduced, but this June it seems to hold even more significance. As the country recognizes hundreds of years of racism, the additional two colors on the flag that represent LGBT people of color is important.

Often people of color are less represented in LGBT organizations, yet over one-third of the community identify as non-white. Just like we are seeing across the board in many businesses, this part of the population needs to be represented equally.

AREA STARS has always had a mission statement of inclusivity and diversity, even before it became “the right thing” to believe in. We hope, that with our product, people of all different colors, shapes, and sizes feel like STARS in their own AREA.

Housing Works is an organization that we have worked with and supported for several years. Their main mission is to end the dual crisis of homelessness and AIDS. Many of their clients are people of color, so in supporting this organization we are also doing a small part to help this community.

But we can certainly do more. We hope that in time you will see an even greater focus on inclusivity within the AREA STARS brand. Stay tuned.

So, this June during PRIDE month we want to shine a light on the LGBT community for doing something to recognize ALL brothers and sisters as equals.

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