Resale in the Fashion Industry

The resale industry is growing 11 times faster than regular retail, and fashion brands are finding their own unique ways to participate. 

Think of all the ways you yourself try to reduce your carbon footprint. Are you aware of the effects of the fashion industry on the environment? Resale helps to create a system of circular fashion, so that there is less waste, and more sustainability in the industry.

We participate in the resale market through donating 100% of our excess inventory to Housing Works’ thrift stores. Our pieces are then resold, and the profits are donated to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

If you want to participate in the resale market, consider using a website such as TheRealReal, Threadup, or Poshmark. These sites allow consumers to make money by selling clothing that they do not need anymore, marked down from the original price. 

Leave a comment telling us your favorite way to contribute to resale!