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The day-to-evening designer Hellessy left her mark on the runway with her Resort 2020 collection. She highlighted important colors such as tones of orange, red, and black. The well-composed outfits were enlivened with minimalistic to dramatic jewelry.
During a meet and greet with designer Sylvie Millstein, she says “when I create my designs, I imagine every piece being worn in different contexts.” She easily portrayed her imagination throughout this collection by perfectly accessorizing each look. She leaves the interview with a piece of advice to fashionistas and says “less is more.” It is obvious that Millstein lives by this mantra. The collection is perfectly crafted with just the right amount of extra.
The Area Stars jewelry is the heart of the brand. It includes a series of innovative pieces that can truly be categorized as luxury inspired. A fashion statement is usually a piece of jewelry that people notice first. Haven’t found your holy grail statement pieces? Check out our “SHOP” section above to change “still looking” to “found it."
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