Area Stars

          We all love the Tia Dress, but do you prefer the long sleeve version, or the no sleeve maxi length style?

              You should first know that the Tia embroidery is a pattern that was worked on during our design trip to Jaipur, India which is where the dress is handmade. Local craftspeople work on the embroidery as it is not material that is bought on a roll. Just one of the many things that make AREA STARS clothing special.

          The long sleeve version is so versatile as it can be worn now in the Summer as it’s light and oh so comfortable. Since it has long sleeves, you can wear it through September before you have to put away your whites for the season. Try and push up the sleeves for some extra attitude. You’ll love it.

          The no sleeve version is great for the beach, drinks at sunset, and then dancing all night long. You’ll stay cool during those hot Summer days and nights and will be happy you’re wearing a dress with no sleeves.

          So which is it – No Sleeves or Long Sleeves? We’d love to hear from you.

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