Transitioning into Spring


Even though the transition from winter to spring can always seem overwhelming in the aspect of styling, don’t worry because Area Stars has you covered. Dresses are always key, and good thing for you Area Stars has lots of them. 

This transition is difficult because people never know what is acceptable to wear. Is it too summery? Is it too wintery? Well, all of this depends on what accessories you pair with the outfit as well as the tones of colors you have.  

Belts, hats, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. are all amazing items that are good to look out for during this transition period. At Area Stars, we have an abundance of bags to choose from to secure a full-blown winter/spring outfit. Check out the Bouquet dress which is a midi shift dress with a black base and warm-toned palette. This makes for the perfect dress because you are tying in winter with the black as well as Spring with the floral warm tones 

When it comes to accessories if you were to do black boots and a black bag it would turn into a winter outfit. Try for grey or beige with the bag (our beige woven flap crossbody could work) as well as gold jewelry to allow the warm tones to come through.  

Don’t feel discouraged when looking for a transitional outfit but be inspired by this awkward change in seasons. Use it to your advantage to explore styles and combinations you aren’t 100% comfortable with. Have fun and good luck! 


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