Don’t you wish you were sitting on a beach, sipping on a cocktail, and enjoying the sun? I sure do, but the world just isn’t ready for that yet. So, what can we do to supplement this need to travel? Let’s bring that island vibe to everyday life- like the grocery “isle!”

Maxi dresses are the easiest garment to look put together and stylish without the effort and pressure of composing an entire outfit. Area Stars provides pieces that symbolize a luxe eternal summer, but are also comfortable and easy to move in, just like the Sorrento Embroidered V-Neck Maxi Dress. The pop of yellow represent adventure and the bright times ahead of us!

But we get it. It can take a lot of energy to put on a dress and get out the door. If you’re still rocking your sweats and leggings to the grocery store that’s still okay. Adding a statement necklace to any outfit is a great way to change up your style. The Straw Statement Necklace is the perfect addition for an isle vibe.

And of course, the Stripe Tote Bag ties everything together. The wooden handle and straw detailing at the bottom provide a more natural feel. In addition to using a reusable bag, you can also use this tote bag for your groceries. Not only are you being sustainable for the environment, but it also ties the look together perfectly!

When the world isn’t ready for travel, but you want to live that island lifestyle, spice up your grocery store trip with these Area Stars pieces.

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