Area Stars

            An ounce of gold is now over $1800, while silver is a mere $19. What does that tell you about wearing gold versus silver? I’m picking gold, since I’m worth it.

              Our Jagged Edge Hoops that are 14K gold plated work for a multitude of different occasions, including that ZOOM call you have scheduled. The influencer is rocking these while wearing our Mystique Tunic Dress in the neutral combination. Love the way the gold plays off the neutrals in making everything look worth their weight in GOLD.

              Now you’ve got the dress, got the jewelry, all you need is a bag. The AREA STARS Stripe Tote bag with GOLD threads is really your only option. Not only does it have shimmer and shine, but the square wood handle is oh so current.

              You’re set. Now if only all that gold was real, you’d be a millionaire.

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